Company profile

Attec Danmark A/S has been incorporated with the Frontmatec group.

Frontmatec is the result of a merger between the five companies SFK LEBLANC, Attec, ITEC, Carometec and Frontmatec. The combined company will be able to offer more complete and unique solutions which will create considerable value for customers. With operations in Europa, the Americas and Asia, Frontmatec serves a wide range of highly respected customers, from local industrial players to large global food processors. Recently the company Accles & Shelvoke, who is the market leader withing captive bolt stunning has also joint the group. 

For more information about Frontmatec please go to our merge website.

History and today

Attec Danmark A/S was founded on January 1st, 1987 by Andreas Iskov Jensen and Søren Peter Frandsen. Together they started in the old blacksmith of Andreas' father in Tandslet and all production facilities and offices are still situated here today, however in new buildings that hold the company facilities for app. 200 employees. 

Today, more than 25 years later, Attec Danmark A/S is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of process equipment to the meat producing industry, specialised in cutting and deboning of pork, beef, lamb along with storage and packing areas Attec Danmark A/S is able to provide customers around the world with complete solutions. 

With the worlds most automated primal cutting line for pork and lamb, Attec Danmark A/S has build a name for itself in the industry as a leading and innovative brand. 

Below you can see a presentation of the company showing the state of the art facilities of Attec Danmark A/S!


Attec Danmark A/S is and always will be growth-oriented and we continuously strive to maintain our position as the world's leading and most successful manufacturer of fully automatic cutting systems, deboning and logistic including PLC and IT systems.


Global distribution

Attec Danmark A/S is represented worldwide either by own companies or by agents. If you are looking for a specific country / agent please click here.



We would like our partners to perceive us as a reliable and long-term partner - not just a supplier! 

Attec Danmark A/S together with our partners, believe that customer satisfaction is key, therefore, we strive everyday to be the best in our field providing customers around the world with automatic systems specified for their individual needs. Customer satisfaction is one of our most crucial goals and success criterias. This means that we place great emphasis on advising customers so that they receive the product that meets their exact needs. It is also very important to us, to have long term partnerships with suppliers, distrubutions and other partners within sales, research and development.