All kinds of raw, boiled and cooked sausages, jellied products, pastries and hams can be cut using Präzi Cut. It can also be used for cured products such as smoked turkey breast, salmon, smoked pork loin, etc.

The cutting system consists of a sloping, tightly clamped blade which is pulled through the fixed product by means of a linear cylinder. The result is a very clean, crisp cross section without any corrugation or torn casings.

The cutting angle of the knife can be manually adjusted through a range of 45° to 90°. The cutting blade is secured with two locking pins and tensioned using a screw.

All pneumatic and electrical components are located in the machine in order to guarantee optimal protection from impurities and cleaning substances.

  • The Präzi Cut is made entirely of type 1.4301 stainless steel and materials approved for use in the food industry.
  • The design conforms to the requirements of the German Association of Professional Butchers and current EU norms and directives.
  • The Präzi Cut is constructed in accordance with EU and USDA hygiene guidelines. The open and accessible structure makes it safe and easy to clean.


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