This machine was developed for tasks such as cutting sensitive synthetic casings and liver sausage products by means of a linear knife. The principle of cross-cutting was borrowed from the Präzi Cut. Later connection to the automatic feeder is possible at any time.

The SB Cut is made entirely of type 1.4301 stainless steel and other materials that are approved for use in the meat and food processing industry. The design conforms to the requirements of the German Association of Professional Butchers and the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and its amendments.

The SB Cut is built in accordance with EU and USDA hygiene guidelines. The open and accessible construction makes it safe and easy to clean the cutter. The maximum noise level of the machine remains way below 70 dB(A).

Functional description:
The products are placed on the feeding conveyor belt manually or fully automatically. The SB Cut conveys the product lengthways. As it is being transported, the sausage goes through a camera system which compares the length of both sections before and after being cut by the knife and controls the conveyor belt servo motors depending on the results. For optical support, there is a built-in laser light which shows the operator the product height at which the line of both cameras determines the product length. Using a menu, the operator can now store the individual camera settings for certain products behind various program numbers and access them at a later stage. The cutting operation on the SB Cut is carried out vertically, with the conveyor pathway divided at this point. The products are held in position by a gripper fitted above the conveyor.
The knife blade for liver sausage is just one millimetre thick and seven millimetres wide. For boiled sausages, a blade with a thickness of one millimetre and width of 20 millimetres is generally used. The force applied on the product and the surfaces that touch (product/cutting tool) is minimal. This ensures a clean cut and less contamination. The touch-screen control allows the user to adapt the cutter to any product quickly and easily. The SB Cut is designed to cut all kinds of sausage products with a calibre of between 35 and 70 mm.


With the SB Weight & Cut, the overfill rate – which has hitherto been necessary in the production of sausages – can be cut by more than two-thirds.
The cutting system is connected to load cells and determines the centre of volume of the product to be cut.
Due to this combined functionality, any potential variations in the calibre of the products and the associated tolerances are included in the step and taken into consideration when making the cut.

Sausages with a calibre of 35 mm or more can be cut extremely efficiently using the SB Weight & Cut while adhering to the current packaging regulations.




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