Control systems


PLC and control systems

The complexity of the production systems has increased greatly the last years. Modern production facilities have high request of data communication. This is to give the production management a better overview of the process lines.

Today control systems as PLC Programmable Logic Controllers and PC systems integrated with IT and SCADA system are a very big part of a new investment and are needed to operate the more automated and sophisticated systems of today.

Attec Danmark A/S continuously improves our control systems, and besides having our own electrical design department, we work with selected partners who specialize in database programming, ID and management systems.


A modern process installation includes a huge amount of technical installation, control systems and communication. In order to have a high efficiency information on how the system is performing is important.

SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems, a branch of instrumentation engineering, include input-output signal hardware, controllers, human machine interface  ("HMI"), networks, communications, databases, and software.

Most site control is performed automatically by remote terminal units ("RTUs") or by programmable logic controllers ("PLCs").

Systems requirements specification

In order to specify a good control system both the business demands and the requirements to the technology must be verified in each of the control process areas.

Systems triangle

In general the combined control systems are divided into the following layers of control with different types of networks to connect them. In order to get a clear understanding of the much information that is generated in the automated process system, it needs to be divided into minor systems with clear boundaries between function and data.