Mano complete

Step by step to optimal hand sanitation

Type 23765 and 23775

Controlled hand hygiene at production access points, particularly in hygienically sensitive areas, is guaranteed by combining hand washing, soap dispensing and disinfection, paperless hand drying and access control in one complete unit.

Safe and controlled sequence of steps with a visual display of the entire process using LED lights. Contact-free activation of each step ensures that hygiene is maintained. 
By following the washing steps and compelling employees to pass through the system, a log 5 reduction in germs can be achieved.

Integration of paperless hand drying in the system. Paperless hand drying is kind to the environment, simplifies the process, lowers costs, and facilitates easier handling, because there is no need to purchase paper towels or restock and dispose of them.

Additional recording systems like card readers or personnel counters can be integrated into access control. It is also possible to unlock an external barrier, such as a sliding door, after the cleaning process by means of a relay contact.

On the MANO Complete the option exists to select a mix of soap and water for washing hands or have the soap dispensed separately. The system is available in a right- and left-handed design and in wall-mounted or free-standing versions. The MANO Complete can also be supplied with a two- or three-arm turnstile or with no turnstile.

For uncompromising and comprehensive personnel hygiene, the MANO Complete can be combined with machines which, when passed through, clean and disinfect soles.

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Technical specifications

Main connection voltage 230 V, PE
Nominal rating power 1,90 kW
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC
Water supply CW 1/2“, HW 1/2“
Drain DN 40
Cable cross-section 3 x 1,5 mm2
Protection class IP65
Net weight approx. 35 kg
Room temperature min. + 4°C, max. + 40°C

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