Portal turnstile

The motor-driven man-height portal turnstile 

In normal operation, an electric brake holds the drum in its blocking position.

Upon reception of a release signal from the reader system or an optional external manual control, the brake is released, allowing turning the drum in the preset direction.

Application of slight pressure triggers the driving motor, which turns the drum by 120°. Internal sensors prevent injuries from the turning bars running against the backs of passing pedestrians.

After completion of the transit, the turnstile sends a signal to the reader.

Powered off, the turnstile arms can be turned manually with little force.

The 120° pitch ensures high comfort and secure separating of persons.

The design prevents climbing over the turnstile.  


Technical specifications

Power supply: 230 V AC 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption 50 VA max
Operating temperature -25°C to +40°C
Outer / Inner width: 1.612 mm / 640 mm
Length: 1.300 mm
Height: 2.250 mm
Weight: 230 kg
Reader interface: Floating contacts
Material: CrNi-Steel type 1.4301 Aluminium, powder-coated


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