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Type 23830 

This combined machine offers both cleaning of soles and boot legs. The machine only runs when the touch sensor on the handle is activated, by holding the handle, which at the same time, secure the users balance.

  • Three vertical bootleg brushes
  • Sole brushes
  • Two control boxes
  • Capacitive start sensor

Technical specifications

Machine measurements - W x D x H 1240 x 1050 x 1358 mm
Main connection voltage 400 V, 3/PE
Nominal rating power 1,0 - 1,25 kW
Mains frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Water supply 3/4“, mixed water, max.40°C
Drain DN 100 
Water consumption approx. 2 l per cleaning
Cleaning time: 5 - 10 sec. per boot
Protection class IP65
Net weight  


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