Walk through 23830-1000

Type 23830-1000

This combined machine offers both cleaning of soles and boot legs separately. The machine is activated by capactive start-up sensor, and two refelction light sensors for the sole cleaning brushes. 

  • Three vertical bootleg brushes
  • 1000 mm long sole brushes
  • Two control boxes
  • Capacitive start sensor
  • Two reflective light sensors for the sole brushes
  • Optional it is possible to integrate Inlet Control or Inlet Complete

Technical specifications

Machine measurements - W x D x H 2347 x 1050 x 1358 mm
Main connection voltage 400 V, 3/PE
Nominal rating power 1,0 - 1,25 kW
Mains frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Water supply 3/4“, mixed water, max.40°C
Drain DN 100 
Water consumption approx. 2 l per cleaning
Cleaning time: 5 - 10 sec. per boot
Protection class IP65
Net weight  


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