Cleaning and sterilising for items on transport carriage

Type 22580 and 22581

The type 22580 is loaded and unloaded from the same side of the machine, where the type 22581 is a pass-through machine, with the option to separate the unclean and clean area completely. 

Intensive cleaning: 
The new pilger process ensures optimal hygiene of the utensils by using a special system of rotating nozzles and aiming repeated jets at each full knife holder.

Cost minimisation:
By minimising internal handling and eliminating cleaning times among the specialist staff involved in the slaughtering and carving process, more time is available to concentrate on production.

Hygiene standards:
Centralising the cleaning process means that responsibility for hygiene is shifted onto specially trained cleaning staff, which in turn means maximum standards of hygiene.

Functional guarantee:
The machine parameters can be optimally adapted to meet internal needs by means of a freely programmable SPS control system.

Below you can see some of the items that can be washed in this cleaning and sterilising machine.