UV disinfection module 22300

Type 22300

The UV disinfection module uses ultraviolet light to disinfect knife holders, knives, sharpening steels and safety gloves. UVC light has an intensive germicidal effect. The wavelength 253,7 nm is absorbed to 85 % in the nucleus of the microorganisms, by which the metabolism of the cells and their reproduction will be suppressed. Bacteria, micro-organisms, yeasts and mould are eradicated or made inactive.

Dry disinfection prevents chemicals or water from being transmitted to the production line.

Operating costs are low because detergents and disinfectants are not required.

The six UV disinfection modules are waterproof and shatterproof and can be replaced without tools. They have a service life of up to 8,000 hours.

Metal coverings around the module‘s entry and exit points prevent eye contact with the lamps thereby providing protection against UV radiation.

A conveyor system, comprised of feed and discharge conveyors with a module conveyor in between, ensures smooth transportation of knife holders through the module. All three conveyors use slat band chains to keep contact surface areas to a minimum.


  • Residue-free cold disinfection with no need for water or chemicals
  • Low operating costs (no water or other products)
  • Easy to install (power supply connection only)
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Technical specifications

Power supply: 3 x 400 V / N / PE
Network frequency: 50 Hz
Nominal power: 0,5 kW
Voltage: 24 V DC
Protection class: IP 65




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