Additional equipment for wash basins / throughs

For all types of wash basins Attec Danmark A/S has a broad varity of accessories to offer, such as:

  • Different types of arm level soap dispenser, both in plastic and stainless steel executions
  • Hands-free operated soap dispensers in stainless steel execution
  • Paper towel dispensers and waste baskets
  • Hands-free operated hot air hand dryer - also build onto the throughs
  • Thermo mixing valve for the mixing of hot and cold water, if mixed water is not available
  • Continuous flow heater
  • We can also offer supply from water and voltage from the top of our basins
  • Battery control, when standard power supply is not available
  • Standard pedestal for floor mounting
  • Conical pedestal for floor mounting with maintenance flap
  • Installation cover 
  • Back-board for stand-alone installations

Should you require further information, or do you have any special requirements please contact us.


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