Cut and park

This Attec Danmark A/S machine, "Cut and park", is designed for primal cutting of lamb with a minimum handling of the carcass and with the health and safety of the operator in mind.


The carcass is positioned and lined up by the operator on the roller table in front of the knife according to the laser beam, which is showing the cutting point. 

The operator then decides which part should reverse for further cuts.
To reverse the primal/primals the operator pushes the button (one button for the left conveyor and one button for the right conveyor) - either for one or both conveyors to reverse. 
The operator then "pushes" the carcass onto the conveyors, which will take the carcass through the knife, cutting off e.g. the forepart.
If no buttons are activated the primals continue for further processing down the line.
When both primals reverse, the operator "parks" one of the primals, finalises the first primal and thereafter finalises the "parked" primal.
The operator continues with this procedure for all the primals.

If the same cutting specification is used for a longer period, the operator can "teach"(programme) the system, which primals or parts of the lambs shall continue down the line. By "teaching" the machine the cutting pattern, the operator no longer has to activate the buttons if any parts shall reverse.
The machine will automatically control which parts reverse and which parts continues.

The number of cuts on each carcass varies from specification to specification and the number of cuts that must be done influences the capacity of the machine.


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