Full tray transport

Attec Danmark A/S designs systems for handling whatever tray types the customer requires.

The installation consists of modular conveyor belts for horizontal transport and elevators / step elevators for vertical transport.

Identification of each tray and the product within this is very important. Therefore the logistic system uses RFID (Radio Frequence Identification) or barcodes as identification on each tray to make sure the customer has full control of their production line.

The tray handling system is controlled by a PLC control system, which also provides on-line information through the SCADA system on the functionality.

The belts are supplied complete in stainless steel, including stainless steel drum motors and stainless steel idler pulleys. Operating devices such as pneumatic stops, pusher, scraper, two-way guides and tray tippers for emptying 1-3 trays at a time are modular in design and can be installed individually on the belts.