Automatic 3D trimmer


Through close contact with customers around the world, Attec Danmark A/S has developed the one of its kind fully automatic 3D loin / back trimming line based on transducer, visions, servo-electric and mechanical principles. 

The line divides the loin / back into backfat, rind and the finished product - the loin / back.

This trimming line is unique, with its 8-fold fully flexible servo-controlled knife set. 

The machine gives maximum product yield while still providing large labour savings. 

Furthermore, by using this unique derinding technic you are not only getting uniform products, but you can also reduce up to 75% on after trimmings. 

If you want to have a closer look on our 3D trimming machine take a look at our movie featuring the process of the trimming here!

In cooperation with DMRI (Danish Meat Research Institute) Attec Danmark A/S has made tests at a customer, showing statistical yield of using our automatic trimming machine and how fast it will pay itself back, interested? Have a look here!


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