Automatic primal cutting


The automatic primal cutting uses the actual measurement of the carcass between the hipbone and the shoulder muscle. This is done by servo control units, which ensures the most precise measurement and therefore also cut. All in all this makes the machine more accurate than other types of measurement.

Features include cutting off the hind feet and removal of these from the gamble. The cuts can be adjusted in both angle and length.

The carcasses can be angled during measurement, and gives further possibilities for improved yield.

Cuts are performed by the Attec circular knife, which ensures clean and precise cuts.

With our version of the automatic primal cutting machine for pork; the AGOL-500 can run up to 550 pigs per hour. 

Attec Danmark A/S latest version of the AGOL system - the AGOL-800 - allows customers to run with the highest seen capicity of 800 pigs per hour. 

Have a look at our movie featuring the primal cutting process of our AGOL machine here!


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