Belly classification unit


This Attec Danmark A/S machine is designed for classification of pork bellies, bone-in or boneless. Throughout experience and in relation to our customers wishes we have built the belly classification unit.

Markets around the world require different products according to fat percentage and many other specification. With the belly classification unit we have made an easy and optimum sorting system to optimize the yield of customers products. 

The meat passes through the machine where a weight, a horizontal and vertical camera registers and classifices the given piece of meat from set parameters. 

These parameters are set from a Carometec stainless steel display, here criterias are being set and specified for your need and product classification. 

The criterias are as follows: 

1. Weight of the product with a 20 g tolerance
2. Length 1 of the product (A)  ± 5 mm
3. Length 2 of the product (B)  ± 5 mm
3. Width 1 of the product (C)  ± 2 mm
4. Width 2 of the product (D) ±  2 mm
6. Width 3 distance from loin side, line B at the last rib to fat at line A
7. Yes/no to the presence of a lean line in the back fat at the shoulder end
8. Fat/rind thickness to meat layer 100 mm from shoulder end ± 2 mm
9. Product height 100 mm from shoulder end
10. Product length from shoulder end to fat "triangle" at the ham end ± 5 mm

The machine combines easily with an Attec automatic sorting line, where products will be collected in containers or hanging on christmastrees according to their classification. 



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