Chump meat concept

Attec Danmark A/S offers a complete concept, consisting of a line with X-ray for chump meat.

Functional description of the line:

  • —The product  arrives in trays and are emptied in a hopper that is placed in connection to a working table where the final sorting is made and placed in portions on the conveyor 
  • The product passes through the X-ray and is examined for foreign bodies
  • If any adjustment of the product is needed, the product stops in front of the operator, who takes the product out for operation
  • Accepted products will in the meantime pass, and if examination is needed the product will stop and wait for the operator to finish
  • When the operator has finished checking the product, he use the release button and the conveyor in front of him stops, as soon as he place the product it gets its original ID and continues
  • If too many products have to be examined by the operator more stations can be added; up to 25 stations
  • We recommend an extra X-ray for control, at the end of the line
If you want to have a closer look at our X-ray chump meat concept line you can take a look here!

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