X-ray inspection system with compact body and low price. The service life of the X-ray generator is improved greatly to cut the running cost 60% (compared to SX25 type). Colour screen and touch panel ensure easy operation. Optional the data can be managed through the USB memory or LAN. This system is flexibly applicable to special specifications.

• The machine between metal detector and our more advanced X-rays

• It is possible to detect even small foreign body in aluminum packs

• Super-compact design to fit in on the spot where you have had the metal detector

• Energy saving and low investment costs

• For smaller packs

Each machine can store up to 200 recipes. 

If you would like us to contact you with information regarding the X-ray of your needs, send us address and company name and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Technical specifications

Model SX2044W
Dimensions of inspection product - *1 W 190 mm x H 100 mm
Transport weight 5 kg - *2
Tranport belt speed 15 ~45 m/min - *3
Belt width 220 mm (without improper tracking-less function)
220 mm (with improper tracking-less function is optmal)
Detection sensitivity φ0.3mm iron or stainless ball, stone, hard bone, and high density plastic pieces, etc. - *4
Display unit 12.1-inch wide TFT colour LCD (with touch panel)
Structure Main unit / base: All stainless (SUS304) Water-proof structure (conveyor): IP 66 or equivalent
Pass line 750±30mm
Max. X-ray output Tube voltage: 40kV, tube current: 1.5mA (60W)
Operating environment Temperature: 0 to 37℃
Humidity: 30 to 85%, No dew condensation allowed.
(It is necessary to clean the filter periodically)
Weight 80 kg
Power supply AC100V ±10% / AC200V ±10%, 550VA, 50/60Hz - *5

*1 For details please contact us
*2 For 10 kg-applicable models, please contact us
*3 For other transport speed models, please contact us
*4 The detection capacity may vary depending on the type of inspection product and the operating environment.
*5 Power consumption is different when cooling unit is equipped.
* ​The detection sensitivity to be used actually may vary depending on the physical properties (contents and shape, etc.) of inspection product and/or the operating environment.
* The cover to prevent the X-ray leak may be required at the inlet and outlet according to the length of inspection product.
* The contents of the items described above are subject to change without prior notice due to continual improvement. 

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