X-ray with overall system conform to IP66. No cooler is needed and the system can be operated in a wide variety of environments, such as environment with large water content or where powders fly easily. As a complete sealing is achieved, damages to the system units due to moisture or dust are reduced. The structure that can be operated more safely is achieved.

• Compact and easy in line to integrate

• Ip 66 without aircondition

• Easy to change conveyor belt

• Change direction, one button

• Easy to operate

• Register and save new products within a minute

• X-ray beem from the top providing a very clear picture

• Extremely good detection of foreign body

• Data and picture can go directely to the customers intranet

• Check weighing with X-ray standard in our machines

Each machine can store up to 200 recipes. 

If you would like us to contact you with information regarding the X-ray of your needs, send us address and company name and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Technical specifications

Model SX2554W
Dimensions of inspection product - *1 W 240 mm x H 120 mm
Transport weight 5 kg - *2
Tranport belt speed 15 ~45 m/min - *3
Belt width 270 mm (without improper tracking-less function)
220 mm (with improper tracking-less function is optmal)
Detection sensitivity φ0.3mm iron or stainless ball, stone, hard bone, and high density plastic pieces, etc. - *4
Display unit 12.1-inch wide TFT colour LCD (with touch panel)
Structure Main unit/base: All stainless (SUS304) Water-proof structure (conveyor): IP 66 or equivalent - *5
Pass line 750±50mm
Max. X-ray output Tube voltage: 50kV, tube current: 5.0mA (A power limit is 150W)
Operating environment Temperature: 0 to 35℃
Humidity: 30 to 85%, No dew condensation allowed.
(It is necessary to clean the filter periodically) - *6
Weight 138 kg
Power supply AC100V ±10% / AC200V ±10%, 1kW, 50/60Hz

*1 According to the product length, the cover may be required
*2 For other weight, please contact us
*3 For other transport speed models, please contact us
*4 The detection capacity may vary depending on the type of inspection product and the operating environment.
*5 This waterproof standard may not apply when options are mounted.
*6 When the operating envirionment temperature exceeds 35​℃, please contact us

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